1.How can I get the Markid App? 📱

Markid is available on iOS and Android. Simply download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.

2.How do I get started? 🚻

If you’re new to the experience, we recommend you take a few minutes to complete your profile because details make you! All those tiny details like adding a profile photo, writing a couple of lines to describe yourself, verifying yourself and your payment details will make Markid a warmer and more trusted community for parents to connect on. Make sure to read the Markid Community Guidelines which were created keeping you (the parents) in mind, to help make your experience as warm as possible.

3.Which locations do you currently serve? 🗺️

For local meetup, Markid is primarily available in New York City. However, for shipping, Markid is available in the entirety of the United States.

4.Do you deliver to PO Boxes? 📮

No, currently we do not support delivery to PO Boxes.

5.Meet-up VS Shipping - How do I verify my purchase? 📦

MEET UP 🤝 - The buyer will need to confirm the accuracy of the item at the time of pickup. Make sure to remind the buyer to accept the receipt of the item by going to the “Messages” tab on their app and tapping “Confirm Order Received”.

SHIPPING 🚚 - The buyer has 48 hours from the time they receive an item to verify that the condition and quality of the item match the description in its listing. In case of any discrepancies reported by the buyer within that time, we will initiate a review. If the item is found to be misrepresented (Wrong item, does not match the listing, missing items) in the listing, we will cancel the sale and refund the buyer. The seller will be responsible for the return shipping of the item.

6.How does the shipping fee work on Markid? 💸

  • We offer USPS Priority 1 to 3-day shipping. All items are insured by USPS for up to $100.
  • The seller decides whether to make an item available for shipping.
  • The seller also decides, at the time of listing an item, who pays for shipping (Buyer or Seller).
  • The buyer is responsible for shipping fees unless the seller has offered FREE SHIPPING on the item.
  • Items are marked with FREE SHIPPING when a seller chooses to pay for shipping.

7.How do I know that an item is eligible for shipping? 📬

To be eligible for shipping, items must meet the following criteria:

  • Items must weigh less than 50lbs and be smaller than 108 inches in dimension (length+width).
  • Items must be available for immediate shipping – items must be shipped within 3 business days from the date of purchase.
  • If it complies with USPS guidelines outlined in our shipping menu, it can be shipped! Sellers have to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding mailing. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can check the US Postal Service shipping restrictions webpage.

8.How do payments work on Markid? 💰

It's important to us that both buyers and sellers feel secure while transacting in the marketplace.

FOR BUYERS – As a buyer, you can conduct secure and seamless payments using your credit/debit card, Google Play, or Apple Pay.

  • You will never need to share your personal information – Email, Phone, or Account number with the seller.
  • Our trusted payment processor Stripe will process your payments on our behalf and ensure that your payment information is stored securely.
  • You can easily make an in-app purchase using your preferred method of payment (once your offer is accepted by the seller).
  • When you make an offer on an item you're interested in, the seller has 24 hours to accept your offer and confirm the item’s availability. Your payment will be charged only when the seller accepts your offer.

FOR SELLERS – We’ve made sure that your experience as a seller is as smooth as that of a buyer.

  • Thanks to Stripe (our payment processor), you can accept payouts (for items sold) directly to your bank account.
  • When an interested buyer makes an offer on your listed item, you have 24 hours to accept the offer and confirm availability.
  • Before accepting your first offer on Markid, you will be asked to add your bank details to begin accepting payouts securely to your bank account.
  • Payment is processed after the buyer receives your item. It will take 2-3 business days for it to appear in your bank account.
  • In the case of a local meet-up, payment is processed after the buyer confirms that they have received the item by tapping “Confirm Order Received” from their “Notifications”.

9.What details do I need to receive my money? 📝

We consider your safety our highest priority. Together with our trusted payment provider Stripe, we apply the standard and required KYC guidelines (Know Your Customer). Simply put, we may need you to confirm your identity, to make sure it is really you who is making the payout, which will enable a secure transfer to your bank account.

Stripe may require the following information/documents to complete your verification process:

  • Full name and birthdate of the checking bank account holder.
  • Last 4 numbers of SSN (Social Security Number). There might be rare cases when your full SSN is needed but please note that we don’t store this information; it’s only used to verify your identity and ensure a secure payout.
  • 9-digit routing number (make sure you don’t mix this with the account number). Also, make sure you’re using the electronic transfer routing number (ACH) assigned for your bank and area, which isn’t necessarily the routing number you see on your checks (ABA/RTN). Check with your bank if you're not sure.
  • Bank account number (9-12 digits) of the checking account you want to pay out to.
  • Full name.
  • Billing address.

10.What is Markid’s Selling Fee? 💲

Listing is always free on Markid. When you make a sale, we charge a 10% selling fee based on the listed price of your item. The selling fee of 10% includes the payment transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

11.Can I transfer Markid cash to my bank account? 💵

You are free to use your Markid cash for any in-app transactions but it cannot be transferred to a bank account.

12.What should I do if someone asks me to take a transaction offline? 📵

You should use Markid to complete your buying process from start to finish. Never share your personal information (Email, home address, phone number, or account number) in the message thread. Our secure payment process is set up to keep you both from having a bad experience. We won’t be able to protect a purchase that is taken offline.

13.How does the Negotiable offer feature work for buyers & sellers? 🔃

In order to make it easy for the buyer and seller to negotiate on the price of an item, we have the Price Negotiation feature in place.

The seller decides whether to list an item as “Negotiable”. If you do not want to negotiate on the price of the item you’re selling, simply indicate in your listing that the item is only available at the listed price, by selecting “NO” for “Negotiable”. Buyers can “Make an offer” on an item that is listed as Negotiable.

Please note - All offers are binding, once the seller accepts the offer. The seller has 24 hours to Accept or Reject your offer. So please make sure you’re absolutely certain that you like the item before you purchase it.

14.Why can’t I sell/purchase car seats on Markid? 🚗

We do not allow the purchase and sale of used car seats on Markid. Used car seats can pose a risk to child safety since we cannot validate their reliability, or recall the status of their expiration date as set by the manufacturer, or if a car seat has been involved in an accident.

15.What is the Markid #PARENTSFORPUPILS program all about? 🎓

For every item you sell on Markid, you can donate a portion directly to a school in need. Our #ParentsforPupils program makes it easy for parents to help classrooms improve their facilities for kids.

At Markid, we are committed to bringing focus on the vast economic disparity in public schools, starting with New York City. With your help (the buyer and seller parents) we aim to fund classroom projects for underprivileged schools in the community. We have partnered with DonorsChoose to showcase projects that have the highest economic requirements and provide students with the tools and experiences they need to be successful.

Click to learn more about DonorsChoose.

16.How will selling or buying play a role in benefiting a classroom? 📚

As a seller, you can choose to donate a portion or all of the proceeds from your listed item to our spotlight classroom project.

Remember, each item your child outgrows has the potential to enhance the life of a student in need. When listing an item, you can consider whether to donate a portion of your sale & specify the percentage you would like to donate. The donor badge will appear on your item listing which informs the buyer that the particular sale benefits our spotlight classroom project. Once your item sells, your specified donation amount will be automatically deducted from the sale price and transferred to DonorsChoose.

As a buyer, when you purchase items marked for the #PARENTSFORPUPILS cause, you directly contribute to creating better educational opportunities for children like yours.

  • If you see the donor badge on a listed item, you’ll know that this particular sale will benefit our spotlight classroom project.

17.How is a school's economic need-level defined at 🏫

At DonorsChoose, calculations of low-income households refer to the percentage of students at a given school who qualify for free and reduced-fee lunch, which in turn is considered as a measure of economic need. To be deemed eligible for free lunch, a student's family income should be within 130% of the poverty line (a maximum of $29,055 for a family of four). For reduced-fee lunch, the family income should be within 185% of the poverty level (a maximum of $41,348 for a family of four). receives data about students’ economic needs from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). As part of’s commitment to transparency, they display this information on their project page. This helps their community (including corporate and foundation partners) choose projects that matter the most to them.

Projects on will denote the approximate percentage of students in a school who qualify for free or reduced-fee lunch. You’ll see the following demarcations in accordance with our NCES data:

  • More than a third of students are from low-income households: 30-44%
  • Half of the students are from low-income households: 45-50%
  • More than half of the students are from low-income households: 51-75%
  • More than three-quarters of students are from low-income households: 76-89%
  • Nearly all students are from low-income households: 90%+

18.What happens to the donation I make? 🧾

When you make a donation on Markid, the proceeds apply directly to the project through

19.Can I make a donation to a project/school of my choice? 🎒

We’re currently focusing on one school project at a time to be able to deliver the required resources, as a part of their request. You’re welcome to drop us a note at with any suggestions you may have.

20.Is my donation tax-deductible? 💵

Our API with DonorsChoose does not allow us to pass on the tax deduction benefit to donors. If you choose to donate directly to DonorsChoose, you will receive a donation receipt from them. Believe us when we say that we’re trying to work around this issue.

21.Is my information safe with Markid? 👨‍💻

Markid was created for parents, so we are constantly working on improving features that make this a secure, trusted, and wholesome community. Whether you’re buying or selling, we want you to enjoy your experience and feel safe on the platform. We authenticate each user at the time of login, to ensure all the steps needed to validate each user’s true identity are followed. Our payment processing partner (Stripe) ensures that all your information is encrypted and stored safely. Just make sure to keep all purchases in-app since all payments are secured by Stripe.

22.How can I be sure that I’m not buying a recalled item on Markid? ⛔

We do not have a mechanism to track recalled information on the items listed on Markid. We strongly recommend buyers to check for themselves online before purchasing an item.

23.How do I report a user, an inappropriate item, or a conversation? 🚫

We want to make sure that fellow parents are comfortable with their interactions and having a fulfilling experience on Markid.

REPORTING A USER OR AN ITEM - If you come across an improper username, profile description, someone who has multiple accounts, or an inappropriate item posted on Markid, help us out by reporting it and we will address it immediately. Please take a screenshot and email us at

REPORTING AN INAPPROPRIATE CONVERSATION - If you receive any kind of inappropriate private message that doesn’t comply with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, please report it to us at We will address it immediately.

24.How do I delete my account? 📴

As much as we’d hate to see you leave, you can drop us an email to and we will assist you.