The Green Impact of Buying Used

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Drew and Dana meet. They fall in love and get married. Oh happy days. With all that love to give, they decide to start a family.

Two months later, they discover that they are pregnant—not to just one healthy baby, but two. After the initial shockwave of joy and profuse sweating, they realize they have no idea how to begin preparing for twins.

A quick search online confirms the fact that babies are expensive and need a lot of stuff. Thankfully, Dana has always been a smart shopper with a green conscience. With two on the way, Drew and Dana will soon learn that buying used is one of the best decisions they can make.

What are the benefits of buying used?

1. Buying used Saves Money

Furnishings, gear, accessories and clothing cost significantly more when purchased new. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, every child averages a clothing expense of $737 a year. This number doesn’t include clothing and shoes needed for sports or other special activities. This number also doesn’t account for the continuous increase in the cost of living and changing prices due to strains on the economy throughout the year.

When buying new, clothing costs alone will be close to $1,000 for just one child! That cost will double, triple and more with each additional child born.That statistic alone makes buying used a smart choice for saving money. Online shops like Swap, Rei Co-op, Markid, Facebook Marketplace, AptDeco, and Etsy’s DIY sell clothing, furnishings and gently used items that still look great and function well.

2. Buying Used Reduces Landfill Waste

In 50 years from now, if our future children visit current landfills, they will look the same. Why? Because many of the items we throw away decompose very slowly. The average wooden chair takes 13 years to break down completely. Nylon fabrics can take 30-40 years. If you think that’s crazy, check this out—rubber-boot soles can take up to 80 years to decompose! That’s practically a full human lifespan. While 75% of America’s waste is recyclable, we only recycle around 30%. That is why new landfills are being created every year, which cost around $10 million dollars each.

Yes, these stats are staggering. Take a deep breath - we can make a significant impact. We can go green. Instead of dumping your outgrown items, sell them. Allow someone else to enjoy that wool sweater that was only worn two times. When your son or daughter outgrows another pair of shoes, buy them the next size up from an online secondhand store. There are many fantastic resale shops and the best part is that you don’t even have to drive there. You can buy it all from your phone while resting between the kid’s naps. Buying and selling used is an eco-friendly decision that will positively impact our future generations.

3. Buying Used Promotes Sharing In The Community

It is expensive to clothe and raise children. At some point in time, most parents have shed a tear as they watch the dollars march out of their bank account. For many families, staying on a budget isn’t a desire, it’s a necessity. When prices continue to inflate, the best way to save is to buy and sell used. There is a community of smart shoppers that have learned the beauty of purposeful sharing. This kind of economical sharing doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. There are many sites that focus on offering a clean, curated inventory. To make your shopping experience easier, we have outlined some of our favorite second hand stores that offer affordable furniture, décor, clothing, shoes, toys, and cell phones.

Used Furniture and Décor OfferUp AptDeco Chairish Etsy

Used Clothing and Shoes thredUp Swap Markid Kidizen Rei Co-op

Used Toys Toycycle Markid OfferUp

Used Cell Phones Cashify- allows you to buy and sell used phones, have your smartphone repaired, and purchase smartphone accessories. Decluttr

Buying used makes a difference in our world and local communities. Try browsing the Markid app today if you’re looking for clean, quality, preloved kids items. It’s the easiest way to start going green!


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